Medical Herbalism

Medical Herbalism in Buckinghamshire

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine known to man. It
is a natural form of healing using plant remedies to support optimum health.

Remedies are made from parts of the whole plant, rather than isolated
constituents, and are generally well tolerated. They may be in the form of
tinctures, teas, syrups, juices, capsules, lotions or creams.

Herbalists work holistically, investigating all aspects of a patient's
health. They consider the underlying causes, not just the symptoms. For
example, with eczema, a herbalist will look at all possible causes (ie. the
digestive system; allergies etc), and take these into account when

Management of conditions combines traditional herbal treatment with
contemporary scientific research. Whilst it is generally known that some
drugs (such as Aspirin and Digoxin) were originally derived from plants,
modern research techniques have shown that several herbs may help support a
variety of conditions. For example, they may help to gently alleviate
anxiety and/or mild to moderate depression, reduce insomnia, assist with
PMS, improve circulation, support the immune system etc.

Medical Herbalists take into account any orthodox medicines the patient may
be taking before dispensing herbal prescriptions.

Diet and lifestyle is taken into account, and advice given if appropriate.

Herbal medicine is appropriate for all ages.

An initial consultation lasts for a minimum of an hour. Progress is
monitored at follow-up appointments lasting 30 minutes.

New patient: 
£ 55 for 60 minutes
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