Jennie Bolt

Access Bars

What if you knew you could create more happy with ease?
Would you jump at it?

I specialise in mental wellness by navigating adults, kids and teens away from anxiety, stress and any overwhelming thoughts whether that be at home, school or in the work place.
I am an Access Bars and Body Processes Facilitator and along with other Access tools facilitate creating other possibilities that make life much easier for you.

The Bars is a body process for dynamic change, which involves touching 32 points on the head that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area of your life. At worst, it will feel like a great massage and in the best case scenario your whole life will change!

My background is in education as a teacher and life coach. Whilst working in these fields, I became aware of the many conflicts and sticking points in my life, and also those of both the pupils and the parents. I came across Access Consciousness and was amazed by how quickly things in my world changed for me and others! And still continue to do so!

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