Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy Massage. (Vodder method)

Is a specialised form of massage designed to encourage Lymph drainage.
It involves the use of very gentle, rhythmic pumping techniques to move the skin and stimulate the Lymphatic system, helping to regulate fluid and remove waste from the body.
MLD renews – nourishes – strengthens – regenerates the cells.
It helps as a decongestant – relaxes the nervous system and boosts the immune system.
It helps to alleviate many symptoms to name just a few:
Sinusitis – Migraines/chronic headaches – Constant tiredness – Anxiety – Swollen joints during pregnancy – Arthritic pain – inflammation – post surgery reducing pain, bruising and swelling.

MLD is used in in the treatment of venous Oedema.
It has successfully been used to aid the healing of leg ulcers.
It is a a key element in the treatment of both secondary and primary lymphoedema.
May be used pre and post surgery to aid in the healing process.

Along with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Deep Oscillation treatment using the Hivamat 200 can be applied.
Clinically proven effects to name but a few include:

Improves the body's natural ability to replenish its depleted supplies of nutrients.
Muscle relaxatiion.
Pain reduction.
Oedema reduction.
Stimulates wound healing.
Anti-inflammatory effect.
Anti-Fibrotic effect.
Improvement in the tissue quality.

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Courses can be arranged
Louise Campbell

New patient: 
Consultation and treatment 1hr 30 mins £60.00
Treatment 1hr £55.00
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